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Electronic Publishing Group

The Electronic Publishing Group is a small international consulting organization specializing in projects related to the media industries, electronic communications and the Internet. We have been in business since 1993 and our principals have an aggregate of over 60 years experience in management of and consulting for newspapers, on-line services, and related financial and technology organizations.

Some of our Experience: Projects we have done and our biographies

Presentation: What's Next, The New Media Landscape A PowerPoint presentation in HTML format of basic trends likely to have profound affects on our lives over the coming 10 years - and key implications of these trends for newspaper companies. A presentation by Vince Giuliano to 65 international newspaper company owners and major executives from 28 countries, made at the WHAT'S NEXT: THE NEW MEDIA LANDSCAPE conference. This conference, sponsored by the Innovation International Media Consulting Group, was held in Cambridge Massachusetts October 16-17, 2005.

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Vince Giuliano
Electronic Publishing Group
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