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Electronic Publishing Group Background

EPG Projects
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EPG Projects

Our work for clients has focused around such issues as:

1. For diversified media organizations:

2. For investment organizations as well as media companies:

Founded in 1993, our clients have included Times Mirror Company, Paramount Publishing, and New Mass Media Inc. in the US, Editora Abril (the largest publishing company in Brazil), O Globo (the largest diversified media company in Brazil), El Universal (the largest newspaper in Venezuela) DEIA, (a Basque newspaper in Spain), Aranzadi (the largest legal publisher in Spain), LISTEL in Brazil, SOCINTEC (a major Spanish investment organization), and CAMELOT Publishing in Brazil. In addition we have managed confidential international projects for other organizations such as the Innovation International Media Consulting Group

The Electronic Publishing Group is a sole-proprietorship organization owned by Vincent Giuliano and registered with the Internal Revenue Service and the Bureau of Revenue of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We are affiliated with and own a small stake in New Media Publishing located in Pamplona Spain.

Key EPG Bios

Following are biographies of Vincent Giuliano and Melody Winnig, the major Principals in the Electronic Publishing Group.


Dr. Giuliano is a principal in The Electronic Publishing Group, responsible for the Group’s projects.

Prior to founding the EPG in 1993, from 1983, he was senior Vice President and Chief Scientist of Mirror Systems. Mirror Systems served as the software technology R&D arm for Times Mirror, a $3.7 billion conglomerate of newspapers and other publishing companies. Serving Times Mirror newspapers and publishing ompanies, it produced electronic publishing software and medical interactive multi-media training systems, and conducted research on text retrieval methods. From 1971 through 1983 he was a senior staff member and head of the electronic-publishing group in the Information Technology division of Arthur D. Little, Inc., where he was responsible for major consulting projects for large publishing and information companies, international and government agencies, and trade associations.

Dr. Giuliano served, from 1967 to 1971, as founding Dean of the School of Information and Library Studies at the State University of New York at Buffalo, where he was a full professor and Director of the University's Institute for Information Research.

He holds Bachelor's and Master's degrees from the University of Michigan in mathematics and a Doctorate in computer science from Harvard. Dr. Giuliano has published some 150 articles, policy reports, multi-media presentations, and books, has hosted on-line forums for the New York Times Cybertimes, and has been listed in Who’s Who in America, and Who’s Who in the World.


Melody Winnig is Principal of The Electronic Publishing Group specializing in the on-line service industries, Internet developments, and interactive marketing. She has over 20 years of experience of working in the media industries, as an independent consultant, writer, and communications consultant. She has a keen interest in evolving lifestyles and their relationships to emerging patterns of written and multi-media communications, and an active interest in means of marketing products and services using the new media.

Her work at The Electronic Publishing Group has included developing vertical-market portal strategies for an international client, working with a chain of alternative newspapers in the US to assist that company to in becoming a community-based multimedia communications organization, research and planning for a large Latin American diversified media and magazine publisher related to the creation of a new Internet consumer on-line service, work with the leading newspaper in a Latin American country relating to development of a major on-line service in that country, research for a large yellow pages directory publisher on new-media approaches to interactive marketing, research for a major diversified media company on computer audiotex services in the US, and research on the confluence of traditional and print media for one of the largest US print-media publishers.

Earlier in her career, she worked as an account executive and public relations expert in the Nigberg Corporation, a high-technology advertising and public relations agency. Her work there included media analysis and recommendation of communications and advertising media strategies for key clients, considering both print and electronic media. She has pursued several projects as a consultant for Arthur D. Little, Inc. in Cambridge Massachusetts. For example, she researched and produced an in-depth market intelligence report on electronic publishing for the Bertelsmann Publishing Group. She has served as a communication consultant to educational agencies in Cairo, Egypt. Again, for Arthur D. Little, she researched and wrote a TIME Magazine advertising supplement The Audio-Video Sphere, a comprehensive series of articles on VCRs, video disc players, CDs, related software and the global implications of electronic technology. Clients for her direct consulting in recent years include Digital Equipment Corporation, Agora Resources, FloraScopes, and Phil Wolcott Associates.

Melody Winnig has taught courses for professionals on communications at Fitchburg State College and at the Boston Film and Video Foundation. She has served as a consultant on the design of several documentary films. She has a Master’s Degree in communications from the State University of New York.

Presentation: What's Next, The New Media Landscape A PowerPoint presentation in HTML format of basic trends likely to have profound affects on our lives over the coming 10 years - and key impliations of these trends for newspaper companies. A presentation by Vince Giuliano to 65 international newspaper company owners and major executives from 28 countries, made at the WHAT'S NEXT: THE NEW MEDIA LANDSCAPE conference. This conference, sponsored by the Innovation International Media Consulting Group, was held in Cambridge Massachutts October 16-17, 2005.

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